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at the moment, sunvox can't really be used as a multitrack arranger. it's possible, but it's also difficult. but this program tries to make it easier

it takes in a bunch of wav files and outputs a sunvox project with samplers loaded with the wav files + patterns that are the length of each wav. you can also granulate the files, meaning that phase commands are distributed across each pattern, so you can slice + restart the patterns at any position and they will play back at the right phase. however, the sound of the granulation can vary depending on the speed of the project, and can sound phaser-y or wavery depending on the speed of the project and the envelope settings. you'll want to set it just right for your needs

how to use

  1. unzip the archive
  2. import your wav files into the same directory as the program & template.sunvox file
  3. open the pixi file and make any needed changes to the config
  4. run the program using pixilang
  5. open the generated output.sunvox file, everything will be in there. just make sure to set the bpm + tpl of the project to the one you specified in the config for the files to end at the right time

to edit the envelope, simply load the "envelope-sampler" sunsynth, edit the envelope in the settings, and then overwrite the old file


the program was written by me. sunvox and the sunvox library are of course the creations of nightradio