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this is a simple music visualizer made in pixilang using nightradio's demo library

it uses a few media files, including two logos and a cover (all .png files) and the .wav file to be visualized. it takes these and produces a video the length of the audio file, with a spectrum, flashing background, and transition effects at the beginning and end of the song.

just replace the files (and change the config section if necessary) and be on your merry way! if you're on a *nix os with ffmpeg, you can uncomment the demo_video_export to produce a video file to upload wherever

how to use

  1. clone this repository and unarchive it
  2. replace the media files, the ones in this repo are placeholders. the artist.png is the logo shown first, the logo.png is shown second. in one use case, if you're a label, the logo.png is your logo and the artist.png is your artist's logo. the song.wav is the audio to be visualized, and the cover.png is the cover art for the audio
  3. if necessary, edit the boot.pixi and change the config variables (everything between -- CONFIG BEGIN -- and -- END CONFIG --) to your liking. everything has comments explaining what they do. i'll probably add more variables to customize in the future
  4. grab pixilang from here and run the binary for your operating system. it's free (at least for desktop operating systems)
  5. in pixilang, navigate to where you extracted the repo and run the boot.pixi file
  6. enjoy!


the main visualizer was written by me, with help from nightradio, silent broadcast, and others. the other pixilang libraries were written by nightradio and are under the mit license. the stock assets were also made by me


ffmpeg_video_export.pixi was modified to record at a bitrate of 50000 to preserve quality, but you can change it to whatever you need, it's on line 24