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here are all of the songs i've made in sunvox. they are sorted based on the various aliases i've used (or not)

to get the songs, simply clone this repo and move the "acheney" folder to the "examples" folder in sunvox's root directory

they were made using various sunvox versions, but they should all be compatable with 1.9.6c or newer

note that the files for Axeph-Null - Bullet Hell and Axeph-Null - Nonplanar Graph are partially lost. they are pattern-based, though, so it should be easy to recreate them

audio files are available via my newgrounds page. official releases are also available via my bandcamp page.

also note that some of these songs include unlicensed third-party samples. i've kept the samples in the sunvox projects, but if i get a dmca takedown complaint, i can remove them. i'll add sample attributions somewhere here eventually, but for now they're on the newgrounds/bandcamp pages for each song. some of the samples also had to be crushed down to fit in 25mb

these are all licensed under cc-by 3.0 unported. a license file is also included in this repo

please don't get my modules from these songs, many of them are outdated and buggy. the newest versions are available here or here